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        From Design Engineering and Contract Manufacturing through total Turnkey Solutions, American CNC Machine Co. boasts proven and reliable programs to best ensure you'll be ahead of the competition.



        American CNC Machine Co. offers your business total turnkey solutions geared towards your bottom line. We have meticulously formed strong working relationships with premier vendors and suppliers that work as diligently as ourselves towards exceeding your needs. Whether you require plating such as Electro Less Nickel, Brite Nickel, Hard or Decorative Chrome, Zinc, Gold, Black Oxide, Decorative or Hard Anodizing – we cover it. Passivating, Heat Treating, Polishing, Powder Coat finishing and Military specified coatings are performed on a weekly basis.


        Our in-house services include all steps of fabrication and quality add-on services such as industrial and fleet painting, parts coding/labeling and even inventory stocking and parts distribution. Each order processed at American CNC Machine Co. is a commitment to satisfaction and guaranteed results.


        You need parts on a timely schedule and American CNC is ready to meet those demands. Contract machining is an important part of our success and will prove to be a great asset to yours. Our team of project managers and quality assurance personnel work hand-in-hand with your group from scheduling each run through inventorying each component to make certain you have parts how and when you need them. Contact our Customer Service Department today to schedule a visit to our facilities or for an exact cost analysis.


        American CNC is a company with a rich history of proven success at even the most demanding and difficult machining jobs. Our success is a direct compliment to the level of determination, creativity and competence of our design and engineering personnel. Each offers valued insight into cost-effective manners to complete the task at hand. Manufacturers continue to rely upon our product design and engineering services to get to market with the best possible solution. Contact us today to learn about the advantage we bring to your designing and engineering needs.




        NEED A QUOTE

        Since our product knowledge is unparalleled, we can give you an immediate and accurate quote from CAD drawings, pictures or scaled drawings. We will provide you with a checklist of the steps we will be taking to ensure your objectives are met.



        American CNC Machine Co. prides itself on some of the fastest, fully accurate machining in the industry. It’s not out of the question to provide emergency repairs or complicated tasks with even same day service. Click Here to contact our Service Representatives today for a lead time.



        We pride ourselves in expedited service and have easily become the vendor of choice for quick turnarounds. Working with you to meet those last minute deadlines and orchestrating the transportation logistics are what clients have come to expect from us.



        As a standard procedure, you will receive detailed, digital documentation of the progress on your job. Furthermore, if we have a question or concern during a project we’ll contact you and verify the best means for proceeding.






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        American CNC Machine Company

        749 W. Fullerton Ave.

        Addison, IL 60101








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